Weight Loss Cd

weight loss cd

weight loss cd - Slim Forever

Slim Forever - For Women: Subliminal Self-Help

Slim Forever - For Women: Subliminal Self-Help

It's a scientific fact: subliminal persuasion works. Now you can lose weight anywhere, anytime--without dieting. Play SLIM FOREVER on your CD player as you dress in the morning, travel to work, or when you want to unwind. Just listen to this gentle combination of soothing relaxation techniques, soft music, and persuasive affirmations and let your subconscious do the rest. Soon you'll discover a new inner energy that will burn off pounds quicker and easier than you ever dreamed possible--and keep them off forever! The key to success is in your mind.

86% (13)

Michael Jackson, 2006

Michael Jackson, 2006

Jackson e seu filho cacula "Blanket", e a baba de seus filhos, Grace (a frente).

Jackson teve seu terceiro filho, Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket) em 2002. A mae da crianca se mantem anonima, Jackson revelou que a crianca era resultado de inseminacao artificial. Em novembro do mesmo ano, durante sua estadia em Berlim, Jackson apareceu na janela da varanda do quarto de hotel com seu filho recem-nascido. O cantor surpreendeu a todos quando pos seu filho com um pano no rosto para fora da janela durante 3 segundos. Supostamente, ele fizera isto para mostrar seu filho aos fas que se encontravam a entrada do hotel, que teriam pedido que ele o mostrasse. Este ato provocou severas criticas.
Em 2003 a Sony lancou a coletanea Number Ones que vendeu 10 milhoes no mundo todo. No mesmo ano foi exibido o documentario Living with Michael Jackson, que mostrava o dia a dia do cantor. O documentario mostrou a vida de Jackson, a sua infancia dificil, seus 3 filhos, a sua casa e o seu isolamento em seu mundo particular. O documentario causou repercussao negativa para Jackson na midia, gracas as declaracoes do cantor durante as entrevistas concedidas ao jornalista Martin Bashir, levando inclusive a segunda acusacao em 2003. Alguns criticos disseram que o documentario foi mais prejudicial a imagem do cantor do que a acusacao de 1993.
Ainda em 2003, acusado de abuso sexual de menor por Gavin Arvizo, Jackson negou tal alegacao. Elizabeth Taylor defendeu o cantor em um programa de televisao dizendo que ela tinha estado la, quando Gavin se encontrava na casa do cantor, assistindo televisao. "Nao houve nada de anormal. Nos rimos como criancas, assistimos um monte de filmes da Disney. Nao houve nada de estranho, nem de inapropriado." Durante a investigacao, o perfil de Jackson foi examinado por um profissional da saude mental chamado Dr. Stan Katz; o medico passou varias horas com o acusador tambem. A avaliacao feita por Katz, dizia que Jackson tinha a idade mental de um garoto de 10 anos e nao se encaixava no perfil de um pedofilo.
O julgamento durou cinco meses, ate o final de maio de 2005. Durante o julgamento, o cantor novamente sofreu de estresse e grave perda de peso, que viria alterar sua aparencia. Em junho, Jackson foi absolvido de todas as acusacoes, por falta de provas. Depois do julgamento Michael abandonou Neverland e se mudou para o Bahrain. O cantor disse que apesar de amar Neverland, ela tinha trazido coisas ruins (como as acusacoes) para sua vida e que nunca mais andaria com criancas novamente.
Outra coletanea foi lancada em 2004, The Ultimate Collection, uma caixa com quatro CDs e um DVD. Em marco de 2006, a Sony Music lancou nova coletanea, o album duplo The Essential Michael Jackson.
Jackson and his young son "Blanket" and the nanny, Grace (below).

Jackson had his third child, Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket) in 2002. The child's mother remains anonymous, Jackson revealed that the child was the result of artificial insemination. In November of that year, during his stay in Berlin, Jackson appeared at the window from the balcony of a hotel room with his newborn son. The singer surprised everyone when he put his son in the face with a cloth out the window for 3 seconds. Supposedly, he did this to show his son the fans who were at the hotel entrance, which would have asked him to show. This act provoked severe criticism.
In 2003 Sony introduced the Number Ones compilation which sold 10 million worldwide. In the same year he was shown the documentary Living with Michael Jackson, who showed the daily life of the singer. The documentary showed Jackson's life, his difficult childhood, his three children, his home and his isolation in his private world. The documentary caused a backlash in the media for Jackson, thanks to the singer's statements during interviews with the journalist Martin Bashir, including taking the second complaint in 2003. Some critics said the documentary was more damaging the image of the singer than the charge of 1993.
Also in 2003, accused of sexual abuse of minors by Gavin Arvizo, Jackson denied that claim. Elizabeth Taylor defended the singer on a television program saying that she had been there, when Gavin was in the singer's house, watching television. "There was nothing abnormal. We laughed like children, we saw a lot of Disney movies. There was nothing strange, nor inappropriate." During the investigation, Jackson's profile was examined by a mental health professional called Dr. Stan Katz, the doctor spent several hours with the accuser too. The assessment made by Katz, said that Jackson had the mental age of a boy of 10 years and did not fit the profile of a pedophile.
The trial lasted five months until the end of May 2005. During the trial, the singer again suffered from stress and severe weight loss, which would change its appearance. In June, Jackson was acquitted of all charges for lack of evidence. After the trial left Nev



Enjoy TOPWELL Infrared Sauna in the comfort of your home! Absolutely in high quality & low cost operaiton!

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weight loss cd

weight loss cd

Subliminal Weight Loss CD

Lose weight fast, and easily with our life changing subliminal CD.
Our powerful subliminal weight loss CD will help you to lose weight quickly and permanently.
It works by directly targeting the negative habits, and behavior you have, and replacing them with the positive attitudes and patterns of behavior which will help you to lose weight.
This album is one of our most popular. It will ensure you have all the tools needed to lose weight fast, and keep it off permanently; it contains not all, but the main subliminal messages from our related albums: Healthy Eating Habits, Increase Metabolism, and Motivation for Diets.
If you have always wanted to lose weight, but never achieved your goal then this album is for you! You can be slim! The only difference bewtween you and someone who seems just naturally slim, and never has a problem with weight is in your mind - your negative habits, your willpower, your view of food and exercise, and how your mind has developed over many years.
The only thing stopping you from being slim is your OWN MIND. Our subliminal CD targets your subconscious mind to replace these negative habits with the positive beliefs and ways of thinking which are shared by all "naturally" thin people - so that you too can reach your weight loss goal, and have the body you have always dreamed of!
Focus yourself on your weight loss goal, and never give in to temptation or your bad former habits.
Reprogram your mind to boost your metabolic rate.
Reprogram your mind to enjoy your new healthy food, and forget about your old unhealthy food choices.
Break your bad habits and reprogram your mind to lose weight fast, and keep it off forever with this subliminal CD!

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